Mark Brinn's

Case studies

a selection of past work

This page is a collection of my work, demonstrating my versatility and commitment to creating designs that truly resonate with their audience. From food and beverage to technology and web development, each project tells a unique story.

Dive in, explore, and see how I can help bring your vision to life.

Ray-Ban Stories

Ray-Ban Stories combines the timeless design of Ray-Ban with Meta’s tech prowess, redefining the smart glasses landscape.

Saril Caribbean Coolers

A lively brand and packaging design for a flavored sparkling drink line, inspired by classic reggae album covers and Caribbean fashion.

Small Acres Farm

A charming, handmade-style brand and packaging design for a family-owned farm, highlighting their top-quality vegetables and unique fermented products.


Sugarleaf Cannabis – my pioneering venture into the world of legal aquaponic cannabis. From an old barn to a 10k sq/ft facility in 5 years.


The IBM Think Exhibit: a journey through technology’s legacy, brought to life through immersive and innovative design.


Television commercials portfolio, spanning various design aspects from pitch decks to set designs.

Handshake Coffee Co.

A boutique coffee brand with a mid-century modern aesthetic inspired by Charles and Ray Eames, embodying a cheerful and wholesome vibe.

Sage Labs

A contemporary brand identity for a web3 development company specializing in NFTs, inspired by the ancient wisdom of the sage with a modern twist.

Snake Duck Clothing

A unique high-fashion brand, drawing on dark, surreal imagery and military culture, sparked by a hilariously terrifying “Snake Duck” encounter.

Walco General Contracting

A rugged brand design, drawing inspiration from the timeless aesthetics of Harley Davidson and old-school motor oil cans.

ZJ Strongarm

DJ Zach Armstrong wanted a brand that reflected his name, as well as his eclectic collection of dance hits – so we created ZJ Strongarm – because he’s always lifting heavy tracks

Beautiful Creatures

An evolving look book that served as a visual catalyst for Director Richard LaGravenese’s film Beautiful Creatures.

Daniel’s Artisan Cheese

Daniels Artisan Cheese: a testament to traditional Italian cheese-making methods, crafted in Lynden, Washington.

Big Rock Candy Mountains

A vibrant, modern reinterpretation of McClintock’s song, blending letterpress typography with photo-illustrations to create a whimsical candy land.

Apogee Oil

A versatile brand identity crafted for a holistic health-focused CBD and THC oil company, designed to evolve with their expanding product range.

Storia Cucina

Experience the stories of Italy through a vibrant dining experience in the heart of Bellingham, Wa.

Buckeye Amps

Showcasing a full-scale brand and product revamp for Buckeye Amplifiers, including website redesign, logo creation, and amplifier design.


Discover the making of Mirrorworld, an award-winning app that blends cinema, storybook, and interactive experiences, based on Cornelia Funke’s fantasy novels.

A Few Other Things

Every now and then, I find myself creating pieces that, while they may not be part of a larger project, still hold a special place in my portfolio. These are the bits and bobs, the doodles and designs that spring from moments of inspiration, experimentation, or simply the joy of creating. This collection is a testament to my love for design in all its forms, showcasing a variety of styles and techniques.

From whimsical illustrations to bold graphics, these are some of my favorite ‘lil creations over the years.

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