Ray-Ban Stories

Ray-Ban & Meta teamed up to build a better pair of smart glasses – bringing consumers new ways to capture, share, and listen. 

In our increasingly digital world, it’s easy to forget that life is happening all around us. When our heads are constantly buried in our phones we can miss out on precious moments. Ray-Ban Stories encourages people to look up from their phones and experience all they can find in everyday life.

These glasses include dual HD cameras for taking videos and photos, built-in speakers for making calls and listening to music, and a voice assistant that provides hands-free control. With the Facebook View app, you can easily share all your content as soon as it’s captured – no more worrying about missing out on moments while trying to take pictures or record video.

We were tasked with combining the design language of Ray-Ban’s iconic brand with Facebook’s innovative technology. As design director I worked on all aspects of the campaign. Our successful rollout spanned multiple markets, including the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Italy and Australia. We employed a multi-platform approach which included TVCs, DOOH, campaigns on social media (including a custom emoji), as well as an eye-catching 3D digital billboard in Times Square – a sight that brought passersby into the moment and looking up – rather than down at their phones. 

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